The curse

Is it just me or do you get tired. Tired of apologies. Tired of investing more than the next guy. Tired of feeling like you have to bite your tongue and just carry on, over and over. Tired of relationships that are so much work. Too much has been said. Too much has been taken … More The curse

Feeling unprepared

I’ve spent the last few months getting ready for a baby, getting ready for graduation, getting ready for a move. . . I’m pooped. I’ve spent little time getting ready for lent. It’s a hard 40 days, I’m not going to lie. It’s more church services, more prayers, greater alms giving, saying no to my … More Feeling unprepared


I was reading the blog of a friend who recounted his experience of “coming home” and I thought it was high time that I’d put pen to paper or words to blog about my own faith journey. As far back as I can remember I have been a Christian; I know that sounds silly but it’s … More Home

2016 in review

  Wow! What a whirlwind 2016 was for us! We celebrated so many wonderful occasions, times with friends and always working with diligence toward our salvation. I opened up my Instagram and scrolled through a few pages to look at this past year. So many memories and things I had forgotten. We spent time during … More 2016 in review

Passion and Prayer

  Since I was young I have had a deep longing to pray; it has been a strong feeling of wanting to reach out into the universe and feel small. It’s been an enticement to be drawn “. . . upwards into touch with celestial things:” (Way of the Pilgrim). Truthfully, I have always been … More Passion and Prayer