I keep climbing

ImageWeary, frustrated, and heartbroken.

Every now and again because of bad choices or naivety one or all of my children have brought out these emotions in me.

These are natural emotions that those of us who call ourselves parents go through. They of course are not the only emotions but are ones that at some point or another as our little ones grow we have or will experience.

One of my children in particular is very easy to love but difficult to discipline or correct. Many times out of fear of the unknown, I have parented this child. I have labored many hours and many “parenting techniques” to redirect or change bad attitudes or negative personality traits sometimes with no avail.

One particular morning I woke very weary, frankly a little hopeless. I was literally at the end of the proverbial rope.

I have found in my life that at the end of this rope isn’t always a bad place to be dangling. Pressure to give up or get climbing are the only two options you have.

Because of love I keep climbing.

I am reminded as Pentecost is upon us that we are not alone. Because of Christ love for us no matter the rope we are at the end of He has given “another Comforter” to the broken hearted, the frustrated, the hopeless, the anxiety filled, mothers, fathers, and grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Monday was a different day.

Chores checked off the list one by one. A meek, quieter voice as He said his morning prayers. Dishes put away without me even asking him. My heart beamed inside and out at the very evident change I saw in him. I was comforted.

I know these trials with my son will come and go from time to time.  We will stumble and fall and stumble and fall along the way but together we will work hard to honor one another as we strive with all diligence to honor the God who gave us to each other.

Prayer of Parents for their Children

O God, our heavenly Father, Who lovest mankind, and art most merciful and compassionate, have mercy upon my children, Thy servants, Alexis, Paloma, and Vincent for whom I humbly pray Thee, and commend them to Thy gracious protection. Be Thou, O God, their guide and guardian in all their endeavors; lead them in the path of Thy truth, and draw them near to Thee, that they may lead a godly and righteous life in Thy love and fear; doing Thy will in all matters. Give them grace that they may be temperate, industrious, diligent, devout and charitable. Defend them against the assaults of the enemy, and grant them wisdom and strength to resist all temptation and corruption of this life; and direct them in the way of salvation, for the merits of Thy Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the intercessions of His Holy Mother, and Thy blessed saints. Amen.


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