First things first

The first night the kids were away at camp was a little difficult for me. I didn’t have anyone needing me to referee an argument or give information on where their left sock was. There was no one waiting excitedly to tell me all about their day. The house was quiet.

I was washing dishes and all of a sudden I found myself missing my kids so much that I wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor and ball my eyes out. It was a momentary feeling that passed and so no, I did not do this, of course. I took a slow deep breath and instead I turned to my husband and said “I wish my mom was still here. At least I’d have something to distract me, something to do. “

As soon as I saw the look on my husband’s face I knew what was coming. “Destiney” he said. “You know the kids are growing up fast and they won’t always be around. We (you and I) need to do things together and be each other’s distractions. That’s what I’m here for, to be with you”. 547168_200409256785573_1692965201_n

Oh those beautiful words. “To be with you.”

In Matthew 9:1-8 we read the story of a paralytic who was brought to Jesus. Jesus tells the lame man “Take Heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.” The scribes at the time thought (paraphrased), of course he tells the guy his sins are forgiven  because he couldn’t actually heal him.

We know from the story that Christ knew their thoughts and so to show that He not only had the power to heal but the authority to forgive, he healed the man of his infirmity.

This particular story leads us to an interesting question. Why did Jesus decide to initially just forgive the paralytic of his sins when he obviously had the power to heal him of his sickness?

For many of us we have lost sight of the sickness of our own souls.  Many in Jesus’ time also were under the idea that they too were not as evil or sick as the next guy thus their souls were being weighed down by their own sin.

From a souls perspective we are all paralyzed. This is why Jesus took the concern for the soul of the lame man first over his physical healing. If we cannot see that above our physical needs for shelter, food, clothing, healing etc., that there is a need for great attention to our souls then we will find ourselves like the scribes and Pharisees who’s only concern was the external.

“I bind myself for life; I have chosen; from now on my aim will be not to search for someone who will please me, but to please the one I have chosen…” André Maurois 15989_196501980509634_589380675_n

Just as there is a great need to care for our souls first, there is great need to care for our marriages as well. It is easy in our day and age to be blinded by all the things around us jockeying for position one. Let us pray that in our spiritual lives as well as in our marriages that we would remember what is eternal.  

John and I have made wonderful use of the time the kids have been gone at camp. Although initially I was worried about them it didn’t take but a moment to recognize this gift of time with my husband. It was a reminder for me; marriage first, other things after.




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