Perpetually before the throne

Hudson and I were on one of our typical walks around town the other day and as I walked I thought about a conversation I had earlier in the week with a fellow musician. It lead me to think about my past in music, and specifically, my past in music ministry.

As the director of worship, I have led thousands of songs over the last 20 years. I taught at conferences on what it meant to worship in spirit and in truth. I sang my little heart out week after week to ladies groups, youth groups, and congregations as we gathered to sing praises to God. Today it’s different; different, but the same.

I’ve decided now’s the time…time for me to dive very deeply into what it means to worship through singing in the Orthodox Christian Church.

I in all honesty don’t even know what I’m looking for, where to start, or what I might come upon but I do know that I am only touching the surface of it week after week in Liturgy and I’m craving more.

I’m going to read, listen to, and discover things and write about them here as often as I can. What did the worship of the 1st century church look like? How has it evolved and should it?   Why do we sing in tones? What is truly pleasing to God in worship? I want to find out how the way I’ve been doing things differs from what I do now.

I know from scripture that the Angels were created to serve and to praise God. I know that at every hour of every day they stand in His presence and sing the thrice holy hymn (Holy, Holy, Holy,). I desire more than anything to join with them. I want to be at the throne in the presence of their ceaseless perpetual worship and, myself, worship in spirit and in truth.


2 thoughts on “Perpetually before the throne

  1. It’s not so much singing again since I haven’t stopped. I sing each week in Liturgy. For me it’s more about learning the right idea of worship, chanting, and being in the choir of the Angels. This will all take some thought, prayer, and research to do it right. . .beside that I’m so happy to see you were able to post a comment. Love you very much Mom!

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