Count your blessings

The other day Father George reminded us about blessings or miracles. Whichever you want to call them they happen. All the time. Everyday.

We who are busy, accomplishing, mothers, fathers, and Americans often forget to see the miracles that are our day to day lives.

I was reminded of this on Sunday when Father told us about a conversation he had with a gentleman. The guy basically said that he knows that he needs God when troubles come, family members get sick, or something major happens like he loses his job. He always turns to God, of course. Father George asked him if he thought he needed God during other times and the guy was pretty okay with the fact that the rest of the time he (being the guy) had everything under control.

Father George went on to tell us that he tells the guy (in so many words): Don’t you think you need God to wake up every morning? Don’t you think you need God to take your next breath or to take the next step? When you put it that way, the guy said, I see what you mean.

I laughed because “count your blessings” always seems like the line we read at the end of a mushy card or tag someone adds to a pretty photo on Facebook. We truly are such spoiled children.

We have come to expect our next breath, the ability to eat out, vacations, or our loved ones to be well, and if they aren’t or we can’t do the things we want to do, we do everything in our power to fix it or make it happen. So often we find ourselves only calling on God for “BIG” blessings or miracles that we need when Christ, so lovingly, just like any Father, wants to be there for every blessing or miracle that we need.

Things were a little rough here during the summer with the government wide furlough. We’ve had to let some things go like getting coffee out because I’m running late for work, or having cell phones. We had to tell the kids no for certain things and tell friends “another time perhaps”. We had to buckle down and think about what things really financially  mattered, and what things didn’t. In all honesty it caused a little bit of stress.

In the midst of the stress, I forgot to acknowledge all of the wonderful miracles and blessings that God gives to us everyday. I worried more about what we didn’t have at times than what we did have.

After Fathers story I remembered these past few months with a little bit of guilt (okay with a lot of guilt), but what it also did was open my eyes to the wonderful ways that God shows His love for us each and every day. Small or big I’m learning to see the unseen and be grateful for every moment I’m here.


Oh and B.T.W.,  just this week when I woke up too late to make John and I coffee in the morning, John had to stop off to get gas and the owner of the gas station (who never speaks to him) asked him if he wanted a free cup of coffee. Even the little things matter.


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