Perpetually before the throne Part 3

I was thinking this exact thing when I came across a blog that said it better than I could. Who is worship about? Why do we do it? What should it look like?

Fredrica Mathews-Green gives great insight to all of these questions and more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.





One thought on “Perpetually before the throne Part 3

  1. Evangelization becomes a slippery slope, we must be aware, we are not only in danger of turning the liturgy into a human event. We start out with a good intentions but we often end up with the goal of ” I need you to join MY church” or “I need you to agree with MY way” we have now begun talking about pride and our goal is no longer “Saving Souls”.
    It happens rarely, but it does happen, the liturgy CAN become the first step in evangelization.They can come from any tradition,and they will be those who are serious already in their belief and are looking for authenticity in worship. She has a point about not making the liturgy a performance because we would loose these Christians in the process. “Start with the joy of being a friend of Jesus Christ, next with the Beauty, then with the truth”-FRB

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