These are few of my favorite things. . .(sung by me)

With Christmas around the corner I thought I’d put together a list of my current favorite things. Maybe there’s something on this list that will make life easier for you while shopping for the favorite people in your lives or maybe it’ll just be something to make you smile. Enjoy!

For years John (my husband) has been trying to get me to get rid of my gas guzzler and get something more fuel efficient. He has had his heart set on a Volkswagen TDI pretty much since they frist came out. I opted for space and thus my “running around” became a sore spot in our house with the amount of gas I was using. I finally gave in and we purchased a 2013 Passat TDI.

Space was my biggest concern. The leg room and space in the front is amazing but the leg room in the rear is what sealed the deal for me. From back seat to front there is more leg room in the Passat then my suv plus I’m getting 33 miles to the gallon on the street and 50 miles to the gallon on the highway. A win, win!

Check out the line of Volkswagens with Clean Diesel and you could be saving hundreds a month too!

My next favorite thing is something my husband gifted to me just this last week. It’s not cold enough here for a parka yet but the mornings can be down right chilly.   Gloves for me are a must. I shopped around and found these adorable wool mittens on Etsy and absolutely love them. The quality is amazing and they are even fleece lined on the inside. il_570xN_487522522_g7rh

Speaking of Etsy I used to have a shop  there and I love working with this site. Our friend also has an Etsy site. Sharlynn is a gifted photographer and sells her works of art there.  Go over and check her out. It’s the perfect gift for the art lover or yourself.


My next favorite thing get’s used EVERY day. I love to clean but with work, clubs, and church I’m not on top of it as I used to be. swiffervacThe Swifer Sweeper Vac has made my life so much easier. It’s light, easy to use and inexpensive. It’s like a broom except I don’t have to bend over with the dust pan to pick up the dog hair. My kids gave this to me as a gift so don’t think someone wouldn’t enjoy this. I know Georgeann Rabb would. 🙂

My next favorite thing isn’t a thing it’s a song. My new friend Antony Betar is a talented musician and singer and I love to listen to his song Sanctuary. You can buy it here along with some of his other music.

saint_basil_icon02For the person who has everything, my next favorite thing is something you can do this holiday for a group of kids on behalf of a loved one. St. Basil Academy is an orphanage that provides education, food, and shelter for children in the Hudson Valley.  My youth kids and myself will be heading over during Dec. to help with some needed projects and are looking forward to many more opportunities to support this ministry. Please check out their website and become a financial sponsor.

Lastly, St. Tikhon’s has beautiful cards for every occasion. From weddings, to baptisms, and christmas you’ll find beautiful cards and items to enhance your gift giving occasions.

What are some of your favorite things?


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