This makes #2

Last week I had the unfortunate experience of hitting a deer coming home from my daughters school. It was a little after five and already dark. The road we were on had no street lights so I could not see the deer standing in the road until I was upon it.

Typically after work  I run around picking up kids from various locations, running to the store, and a multiple of other errands in the two hours I have before dinner needs to be on the table.  Thankfully that night I was in no hurry to get anywhere.

After the accident I sort of laughed. Not in front of my husband of course. After all, the car is only one month old and He was heartbroken to see it so messed up. Naturally his first response was thankful that we were all ok. Anyway, I laughed because just earlier in the week a friend on facebook was recalling an accident we had about 18 or so years ago.

I was in a band called Raspeberry Jam (video here) and some of my  friends Kamili, Marnie, my sister Michelle and some guys we knew decided to drive across the United States together to watch me sing at a festival in Illinois called Cornerstone.

It was one of funnest times I can recal as a teenager. I believe it was the first “drive across the US experience” for all eight of us. No parents, we stopped when we wanted to, stayed in terrible motels, eat at truck stop dives, visited a friend in Colorado, and sort of grew up in those few weeks on the road.

I had completely forgotten about the accident that could have very well taken our lives. I don’t think I really thought much about it when I was 19. Yes, I thanked God for allowing us to survive but I never really took the time to contemplate life, death, and the accident until now.

This being two days before thanksgiving I think it’s appropriate to give thanks for life, safety, and my guardian angel who incidentally has saved my life now twice.

Psalms 34:7 the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him.

I was thinking about the last eighteen years. What have I done with these years? Have I lived in a way that says “thank you” to my heavenly Father for sparing my life? Have I worked to be kinder, forgive quicker, give more. . . .I have work to do.

In the Eastern Orthodox church our angel is known as the “guardian angel protector of our soul and body”. Not only was my physical body saved that day but my soul is certainly being saved today.

Here are some pictures from our accident those many, many, years ago.





What shall I return to the Lord for all His goodness to me? Psalm 116:12



Thanks Marnie for the photos. 🙂



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