Christmas memories

December is one of our most favorite months. We start the month with Dad’s birthday. With Christmas around the corner and a surprise party last year Dad decided to keep it low key. Paloma made a homemade giant chocolate chip cookie instead of a traditional cake and then we took him to the movies in the afternoon.

ImageThen it was on to putting up the tree.




Here are some of my favorite decorations that we’ve collected over the years.


ImageThis is a starfish ornament I bought in Newport Beach the summer before we moved to Germany.


It’s not a super clear picture but this is Paloma jumping out of a candy cane that she made in 2nd grade.


This is an pewter ornament I bought at a Christmas Market when we lived in Germany.

It says Ansbach the name of the town we lived in.


This is a Christmas tree Avery Rabb made for John when she was 7 she’s turning 13 in a few weeks.


This is an ornament Vincent made in Kindergarten.


This is another ornament Vincent made when he was in 1st grade. It came with an adorable poem about his little hand. Those snow men are his little fingers.


This is a cross I picked up when I was in China.


I bought this ornament on a vacation a few years back. I liked it because it was simple and made of wood. It says Noel and reminds me of the first proclamation of Christ birth by the Angels to the Sheppard’s.

Every year I open our Christmas decorations we take a stroll down memory lane. We remember the kids being little, everywhere we’ve lived, and the people we’ve shared this holiday with. We are so blessed to continue our traditions and I really look forward to seeing these same ornaments hanging in my children’s homes as they grow and have their own families one day.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family around the world 

The Sanchez Family!





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