January Disclaimer

My January Disclaimer:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past few months on whether or not to continue to write on this blog. I love to share moments in the lives of my family but I mostly write about my faith because I’m passionate and in love with it. I hold it dear and will defend it or explain it whenever I am called to. This is me.

I hope that whenever I write that I communicate my thoughts about God and about an Eastern Orthodox way of life with humility. What I write I’ve learned from books, podcasts, and mine and my families own personal experiences. This space is meant for me to convey those ideas to all of you.

You are free to come and go as you please. You are encouraged to leave a comment and ask a question as often as you’d like. I’m in no way an expert and there is probably nothing profound about my writing. I’m just a mom in pursuit of truth and more knowledge.

So. . .my first post of the year?

Drum roll please. . .

545910_418739428188633_375708634_nMyself and three girls at work will be going in to weigh ourselves at the gym on post tomorrow for an 8 week fitness challenge. I’ve never done anything like this before and boy am I excited. Seriously!

I would love to lose these last 8 pounds from being pregnant with my son 11 years ago. lol I’m excited because I do really well with accountability and this will absolutely do that for me.

Lots of us struggle with our Christianity. My first question to someone who says I’m struggling is “who are you accountable too?” Who do you let critic your life choices? Who are you completely honest with?

If this is something that is foreign to you think back to the lives of the apostles and how they were not only being taught by Christ but they allowed Him to put them on notice when their behavior didn’t line up with His teaching. Look at how much they accomplished with His leadership. 2.1 billion people and 2000 years later and their message has not lost momentum.

My family and I are in close relationship with our Parish Priest. Not only through confession but through one on one conversations do we maintain an honest and open relationship with Him, which gives him the opportunity to correct or redirect our actions or thoughts. He does this with love and respect and we appreciate his honesty and correction.

Lots of time we don’t see ourselves like others do and a little perspective as well as spiritual direction in uncertain circumstances does wonders for your soul.

“The truly blessed are not the ones who can work miracles or see angles; the truly blessed are the ones who see their own sin” (or let someone point it out to you) St. Anthony the Great.

Italics added by me.


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