Things that matter

I was feeling over whelmed last week with the multitude of “things” that need to get done on a daily basis. Especially during this time of year with special attention being paid to our meals, prayers, extra church services, and of course extra attention to my own soul and the care of it, I felt like I was drowning.

Lent is a beautiful time and it will lead us to new horizons but I was notOrthodox-Cross going to cower and just give up because it was and is hard (well I did for a day, read about it here) but instead I decide to dig my heals in and resolve to make “life” work.

I decided to implement some plans, some ways to help everyone from the youngest to oldest work more efficiently in order to bring more peace of mind and more time for things that mattered.

We had a family meeting Saturday night and here’s what we came up with. Maybe some of the strategies we’re using will work for you and your family.

We’ve all but cut, except for a half an hour a night, television monday thru thursday. For my son it had become too much of a distraction and he rushed through homework and chores just to get to it and this was hurting his grades and was making me crazy having to pick up after him with incompleted chores which added to my work load.

We all decided that waking up 15 min earlier was the next step in changing our rushed lifestyle. Just those few extra minutes to really wake up, say a prayer before leaving our bed, make our beds, then gather our thoughts before seeing each other, makes for a happier morning and one less thing to do when we got home.

We decided a weekly meeting  Sunday night for a few minutes calendarwas a necessity. This would give us the opportunity to write down in our calendars and on the black board work schedules and the coming weeks errands. This has been the biggest help to me I think because having all the kids and husband there at one time I can say “hey, I can’t get to that errand or chore that day who can help?” means I’m not pulling out my hair to get everything done.  I think for working moms the hardest thing for us is to ask for help and I’m learning to do this more often.

black boardWe also talked about family time with our kids and how important it is to John and I. I explained to the kids that if I asked them to walk the dog with me it wasn’t because I needed company or someone to talk to but it was because I wanted their company and wanted to spend time with them particularly. I saw lightbulbs go off over their heads with that one. It was pretty funny.

Sit down dinners are a must! We typically were doing two to three nights a week around the dinning room table but now I make it a five night must. It’s fun to watch a movie on the weekend in front of the t.v with dinner but the time we have during the week talking about school, laughing, and joking during dinner is priceless.

So that’s it. I’m sure it’s nothing new to a lot of you but I hope you’re able to slow things down and make more of your moments in life during Lent and other times of the year. Your kids will thank you and you’ll look back on your days with a smile because you made time for what mattered most.


2 thoughts on “Things that matter

  1. Great post!! I am still always trying to figure out how to use our family time better and keep the routine running smoothly with two teens at home. Great ideas.

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