Sweet 16!!


Today we celebrate the day she was born!!! Sixteen years ago, during the hardest of circumstances in my life she came to me. At that moment she was the only reason for me to live, laugh, and learn to love.

The day she was born she came quickly and hasn’t stop running since. She is everything she has ever wanted to be. . .except a ballerina because that faze only started last year.

palShe is funny, smart, beautiful, and sensitive. She has me rolling on the floor constantly with her crazy dancing, silly “ugly faces”, and her general light heartedness. She isn’t ever afraid to make fun of herself or be too silly.

She loves beautiful things and beautiful sayings. These words line the walls from end to end of her room. She is a thinker, a dreamer, and will live the rest of her life traveling the world if it were up to her.disneyland  and beach day 00047

There are times when I sit back and think how proud I am to be this kids mom; how proud I am of the young woman she is becoming and I gush with joy.

Dad and Will 00000No, she’s not a perfect child. She falls walking up the stairs and spills hot chocolate all over my tan carpet. She breaks more things in the house then she has money to replace.  She gets aggravated with her little brother when he puts his lizard in her room but overall she’s pretty great.

I used to wonder what she would be like when she DSCF9308got older, when she grew up. I used to wonder what kind of music she would listen to. What books she would like to read. I used to wish for her to have my eyes and John sense of humor. She’s got plenty of growing to do and I’m sure the things she loves now will change but I never imagined in my wildest dreams she would be IMG_3265so amazing.

Happy 16th birthday Paloma. I love you to the moon and back.



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