You know when I sit down and when I rise up.

I don’t know about many of you but whenever a trial or difficult situation in life comes along I find my way back to God. Not to say that I’ve been a drift or I haven’t. It’s just no matter how close I am or how far I am, I get closer.

I have never run from trials. I learned a long time ago the sweet spot in the midst of them. I don’t look for trouble. Being almost forty years old next month I’ve learned, that this life here on earth is full of it. Wasn’t it Christ who said “in this life you will have trouble?” The next line though is the best “take heart, I have over come the world”.

I love the way God reveals himself in the day-to-day. If we are attentive, if we ask for help, if we stop focusing on the now and my own needs, we see so much.evening light

I have put my foot down. I can only be responsible for myself. I can only change my attitude and outlook on life no one else’.

What a blessing it is to draw close. To turn the other way. To make up in your own mind (through the help of the Holy Spirit) the new course of life you will walk.

Being determined to get in the morning before work at 5:45 and walk the dog is not easy. I want to sleep in those extra thirty minutes. But I have seen that this small bending of my will have not only helped me to feel good physically it has been the catalyst to deepening my spiritual life as well.

For me, to break my will in the physical always leads to a spiritual break through.

I have learned to look at my life (reality, soul, and spirit) holistically. I guess that’s why the trial becomes apart of that.

Every moment of every life has a place in His plans.

My daily reminder list that helps me to bend my will:
Pray more
Study the faith and scripture more
Be the icon (image) of Christ

God grant us mercy to walk through this life bending our will to yours.


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