No cable.

Yep, that’s what I said. We unlike many American families do not have cable. No, I do not have the semi pornographic commercials raiding my Jr. higher mind. No, I do not have the exorbitant bill that comes once a month. No, I do not have the ability to fill quiet moments with needless television shows or infomercials.

We got rid of cable about ten years ago and at first it was due to financial cut backs but since then has become our own choice.

As I said the bill was what first prompted us to discontinue our cable service. If you ask anyone who has cable the complaint is that you pay for channels you don’t watch. We found this to be true. The channels I did want didn’t come with basic or premium cable. Cable has become cheaper nowadays and they are bundling your internet and phone with it but if you do a price comparison for how we’ve chosen to get around this you’ll see how you can start saving money, time, and sanctity in no time.


After we discontinued our cable we were pretty much unable to watch our television at all. In the beginning we made good use of our library. DVDs are free. Yep, for up to two weeks you can check out as many DVDs as you want and they’re free. We introduced our kids to the classics, I love Lucy, The Munsters, Gilligan’s Island etc. No commercials to encourage consumerism and no commercials with half-naked girls selling computers. This also left us more time for board games and hanging out outside with each other.

Here is John teaching Vincent how to skate board


Soon television went digital and this changed our lives. For $10.00 a month we could stream NetFlix to our television. Still no commercials and we could create a list of shows that were appropriate for our kids to watch. There is also Hulu and Amazon Prime that you can pay monthly for to have the current and up to date shows.

We went from a $65.00 a month bill to a $10.00 a month bill with way more convenience and perks.

I think that’s cause for celebration.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about how much you can save from disconnecting your cable.




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