I made soap!

It started about four months ago. I began by reading books, searching you tube video’s and joining soaping groups on facebook. Man, am I a nerd?! I wanted to do it and do it well. I figured since I’ve been growing my own vegetables for two years now I wanted to continue this momentum of being self sustainable. Soap only made sense.

It was John who finally said stop reading about it and do it already!  So I took the plunge.

There is so much that can go into making soap; so many calculations, recipes and ideas. I would go to Barnes and Noble and read book after book and it began to get overwhelming. I decided to order a kit that came with 80% of everything you needed to do one 2.5 lb block of cold process soap or cp for those in the know. lol

I ordered this one from Etsy from a business called WorkshopHeritage. Everything was pre measured and as I said it came with 80% of what I needed. I took a couple of weeks perusing thrift stores for the rest of my supplies because why buy something new when you can buy it used.


I created a designated soaping room/area for my soap because you can’t have the dog getting into the lye (sodium hydroxide – makes the bubbles in the soap).  Just being in this space makes me happy.

Here’s me in my mask. Can’t breath in the lye. mominmask

So once I started making the soap I ran into a slight snag. You can’t mix the water and lye in a aluminum pot. This is a NO No as indicated by the picture of a pot with black goooo in it. soappoop


Soon after though things came together. soapgood

After a couple hours of mixing and a run to the hardware store for more lye it was time to pour into the mold.

24 hours later my soap was ready. Here it is. Patchouli scented soap; in honor of the man who pushed me to do it. lol


I’m already itching for my next batch. I can’t wait!


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