You have to choose

I have been so busy lately making soap that I’ve had little time for writing but there are a few wonderful things happening on the Sanchez homestead that I thought I’d pull myself away from soap making for a moment to fill you in on.

Paloma went to winter camp this past weekend and had a wonderful time. She reconnected with friends from other church’s and was motivated spiritually. 10957099_1599665443598357_1156088148_n

It was weird not having her home. I was the only girl between the husband, son and my lab Hudson. I was definitely out numbered. It gave me a taste of what it’s going to feel like next year when she leaves to college.

But in true Paloma form (and I say that with all affection in me) we were woken to banging on the bedroom door and a curdling scream for “DAD!!!” her first morning home.

Apparently she went out into the hall and encountered a mouse. After Dad dragged himself out of bed and went out into the hall he realized it was in fact not a mouse but a piece of plastic bad. What a way to be woken up. lolmouse Here is the mouse.

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father.
Lydia Maria Francis Child


Valentines was a very sweet and special weekend. My son  bought me flowers and a yummy cupcake with the five dollars he earned from watching the dog for me a couple weeks ago. He’s growing into such a wonderful and kind young man.


John and I also had a night out to see a really fun band called The Felice Brothers. I never knew the Hudson Valley had such a cool little music scene. Coming from Los Angeles I’ve got high standards but the HV made an impression.

10991088_391409244352239_5859389981769364113_n1512312_391409164352247_1783956779282734759_n10412003_391409361018894_4410187320930103676_nIt’s been a wonderful couple of weeks but my favorite thing to share with you is what started today; 40 Day for Life campaign. You can read more about it here.

What a perfect time to embark on this opportunity! We will begin great Lent in just a few days. Will you pray with me for the next forty days to end abortion?

Paloma and I will be praying outside the Planned Parent Hood in March and I’ll write more about why next month.

I read this quote today and it struck me. Have you chosen?

There comes a time in your life when you can no longer put off choosing. You have to choose one path or the other. You can live safe and be protected by people just like you, or you can stand up and be a leader for what is right. Always, remember this: People never remember the crowd; they remember the one person that had the courage to say and do what no one would do.
Shannon L. Alder




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