Working out equals pie. Wrong!

I haven’t written here in a little bit because I’m actually a pretty private person. Although I write this blog there are lots of private family moments that go un blogged because of the individuals involved or because “that kind” of realness is not always welcomed.

We are 75% of our way through Great and Holy Lent. It has not been without its struggles. It has also been met with many blessings. I have felt the strong current of my own desire to be better, to be more like Christ this time around. I have wanted it badly. Although life is quick to side track us.

It’s often hard for me to break away from the  “if I do good, God does good for me”  mentality. It’s the same with exercise for me. “If i work out today I can have that piece of pie”. Ugh, I hate that kind of thinking. I have come to understand that working out is good for my mind, my body and my soul. I shouldn’t do it to get an immediate reward. Although a reward is seen in time. Like my faith, I’ve come to a place where church, prayer, choosing right attitudes, actions, comments, etc. is good for me regardless of the outcome.

Of course we see an outcome in both of these area’s of life but my intent has changed from doing them for a specific outcome (a piece of pie or an answered prayer) to doing them because it’s the right thing to do regardless of the outcome. This way of thinking is less burdensome. This way of thinking feels light and easy. No yoke that weights me down with guilt or condemnation.

This isn’t an excuse to not work out or go to church but a new mind-set that frees me to see the joy in the “to do’s”.

Regardless of what you subscribe to; a religion, a work out routine, a state of mind, it all comes with obligations. It comes with a list of “to do’s” to have the fullness of whatever it is you subscribe to. Finding a way to do it with grace and love will change you in ways you never thought possible.


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