Chist is Risen!

Verdaderamente ha Resucitado!


What a week! This year I made a promise to myself that we would attend every service during Holy week and although it was difficult and I had to miss one service because I was sick, we did it!

I knew we would need to scale something back with being out every night until Pascha so John and I sat down with the kids and talked about all the things we would cut out for a week. For me it was no making or selling of soap. For Paloma no work after school and for Vincent it was no soccer.

This made the busy week much more doable and allowed us to enter into the Holiest of weeks with just the necessities of life on our plates. John and I even took a couple days off at the end of the week to be at the morning services on Thursday and Holy Friday. It was truly a joy!


No other celebration of our Lords resurrection can compare to the beauty of an Orthodox Holy week. There is nothing, I can think of, that comes close to the grandeur, silence, services or prayers that go into this celebration. If you have not had the opportunity and have the endurance you must make it a point next year to find an Orthodox Church near you and participate.


We prayed, colored red eggs, made palm crosses, celebrated the Bridegroom services, received the Holy Unction, waited with Him at the Tomb and finally, after more than 40 days, were ready to meet our Savior. And now we proclaim. . .

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!






One thought on “Chist is Risen!

  1. Indeed He is Risen! We also went to every evening service this year and took Holy Friday off from work. On Bright Monday we have a Paschal Divine Liturgy in the morning and then go out to brunch together. We took that day off as well. It truly was a beautiful week filled with beauty and peaceful contemplation.

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