If I had a dream. . .

I say “if” because it seems that early menopause may be creeping its way into my biology and I haven’t had a good night (REM) sleep in six months, but that’s another story.

If I had a dream it would be to be 80% self sustainable. This would include growing or trading for my food, growing and planting to make a living, down sizing our 2600 sq foot home for a 900 sq foot home and maintaining my life “off the grid” as they say. I say 80% because I would continue to grow my soap brand and need internet and a phone for selling.

This has been my dream for the better part of seven years and although I do all I can as I work a full time job I’ve hit my threshold. I work, run my little soaping business, garden, make homemade meals for my family ,up cycle, treat them naturally for colds and what not but I’m tired of living two lives.  The naturalist side of me has decided we’re done!

It’s time to come up with a 6 year plan. 6 years because that’s how long I have till son leaves to college. Although I love the more holistic and natural life I do not want to force my children to share in that dream. So my mission is to come up with ways I can prepare for the transition.

It wont be easy. In fact it will be very difficult and that has been what has held me back. I turned down a job making more money because I know that in 6 years it will be harder to go from making THAT amount of money to the drastic change of income I’m already anticipating. One part of me says “spend the money while you have it” and the other part of me says “spend less and save more because the big squeeze is coming”.

Where is my loyal and devoted husband on all of this? We are very close to meeting eye to eye but the income thing scares him too. There is so much to think about. My brain feels like it’s going to explode!

Step 1: Talk more in depth with husband and write out a plan.

This is how I feel (Husband and daughter at the Renaissance Faire)



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