The Voice

I’ve sung for many years. From back up singing, to live bands, studio work, recording a cd, and performing live, I’ve pretty much done all I’ve set out to do as a performer. Don’t get me wrong I still have secret dreams but if I died tonight I’d be very happy with what God has allowed for me to be apart of in my music career.

I know that the talent God has given me in my voice has been a gift.

To my joy, our daughter also shares this gift of singing and love for music. We couldn’t afford lessons for her to learn to play the piano when she younger so we bought her a key board around 8 and I gave her a 1st year piano book and told her have at it. Over the next 8 years with the help of this book and the internet she taught herself to play piano with both hands and in recent years picked up the guitar and with the help of her father taught herself to play some chords.

I could not be more proud of the effort she has put into learning music. So when she asked me to take her to the city to audition for The Voice, I couldn’t say no. No, it would not be my avenue of stardom or my choice of show but I wanted her to try.

After several weeks of coaching her and listening to her sing different songs the day arrived. We were off to New York city.

11752003_452285274931302_6048102063102587027_nOf course she wasn’t sure how she would do so she wanted to keep it a secret.

It was actually a really fun process. We waited for our group to be called and then she and 9 others were brought in a small room to sing one verse and one chorus of a song she chose.

She did it! Couldn’t have sung any better had she practiced the song for ten years. She didn’t sound nervous or appear to be and knocked it out of the park.

None of the singers in her group were chosen but what a fun audition. What courage it took for her to do this. I don’t think at her age I would have taken this kind of a risk. In fact, I know I wouldn’t have.


We ended the day with dinner with her Dad and brother and talked all evening about the different types of people who showed up and how we hated being in the city. Something else we have in common.


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