It’s all about the soul

Here I am minding my own business eating my Greek yogurt with granola for lunch and I take out my 2016 Daily lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting calendar book and I read just as I did the night before (different person different circumstance) “he was buried in the ground up to his waist and cut to pieces. . .” Then it hits me! I had to ask myself why do I keep reading the stories of the early martyrs ?

The man who is sent unceasing sorrow is known to be especially under Gods care. St. Isaac the Syrian

Sorrow, sickness and even death are a part of the Christians process to salvation.

I’ve thought a lot about the gospel reading from this past Sunday and I’m beginning to see the pattern from that reading to the ones these last few days.

It’s all about our soul.

Luke 17:11-19 You can read it here, tells us the story of the ten Lepers who Jesus healed. Each of them asked Christ to show mercy to them and heal them. Jesus did in fact show mercy and healed every single one of them but only one came back, fell down on his face at Jesus feet and thanked Him.

A side thought: I spent some time thinking about the Lepers before they were healed. I imagined what it must have felt like to not be able to live with your family. I thought about the sadness and loneliness of not being able to feel the touch of your parents or spouse. No hug, handshake, no one would even get close enough to look you in the eye and speak to you as a person. You walked through town yelling “unclean, unclean” at the top of your voice. You became someone else; all you were was the disease.  It made me very sad.
I wonder if we look at sin in our lives that way? How it can separates us for those we love. How it can make us yell things at the top of our voice that are untrue about ourselves or others. How it builds this wall between us and others.

Back to story of the thankful Leper. . .Jesus questions the one leper and asks him didn’t I heal 9 of you (of course this was a rhetorical question)? Jesus then says to the thankful leper “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Now wasn’t the man already healed of his leprosy? Of course he was! You see, this mans relationship with Christ was the key.

We want so often for Christ to heal our physical ailments, remove tough times from our lives, or take away the pain others are in but Christ focus is for our soul. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t care about the sorrow or pain you’re in. Heck he even answers that prayer for me when I ask for a parking spot near the door because my foot was still in the cast. Our loving Heavenly Father cares for every single one of our needs but His heart is for us to be with him in Paradise one day (John 17:24) and that starts with our soul.

Lord, grant us patience to bear whatever trials, sickness or loss come our way that it may be medicine for our soul and a curing of passions.

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