One day and a wake up

You are still sleeping but before tomorrow comes with tears I want you to remember these things. . .

12961696_941222252665869_4728700463134501138_nI am so proud of you!

I sit and think to myself “where has the time gone?” and then I’m blown away by who you have become.

I am proud of your courage to leave home. I am proud of your light and love for God. I am proud of your compassion. I am proud of your eagerness to learn and do new things. I am proud of your sense of humor. I am proud of your love for family and friends. I am proud of the woman you are.

We have been on this road and on this journey for such a long time it seems and now it’s time for you to take the road that I always knew one day would come. I’m not going with you but I am with you.

You are going to have moments of fear and maybe anxiety but you will also have moments of joy and gladness.

paloma2You are going to make mistakes and wish you said things different but you are also going to make life long friends and grow more responsible and mature.

My sweet girl, you are going to sit on the beach at sunset and remember that your God created this all for you; that his reach exceeds anywhere you will and could ever go. You will feel His love for you and know that it is greater than the distance you have traveled. You will see Him on the face of strangers, homeless and children and you will remember his mercy toward you.

One last very important thing to remember said by St. Basil the Great. . .

“When you sit down to eat, pray. When you eat bread, do so thanking Him for being so generous to you. If you drink wine, be mindful of Him who has given it to you for your pleasure and as a relief in sickness. When you dress, thank Him for His kindness in providing you with clothes. When you look at the sky and the beauty of the stars, throw yourself at God’s feet and adore Him who in His wisdom has arranged things in this way. Similarly, when the sun goes down and when it rises, when you are asleep or awake, give thanks to God, who created and arranged all things for your benefit, to have you know, love and praise the Creator.”

You’ve got this and I love you!




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