About this blog


Welcome to It’s so Passeé.

You might remember me from a little band in the 90’s called Raspberry Jam (Oceanic). Singing has always been my passion. From the early years of singing in church choir to leading worship for thousands, a tour, hours and hours of studio work, and even a children’s CD, all before the age of 25. It’s been a roller-coaster.

Amazing, painful, and profound moments in life have shaped who I am and I’ve embraced them and the change they’ve brought along the way.  We spent four wonderful years living overseas in a quiet, small town where I jumped off the roller-coaster and took in the beauty of a simple life. Travel, architecture, and new faces showed me life at a different pace.  An old fashioned, simple way of living drew me in and I feel in love.  This idea of having an old fashioned way of life moved us from the “big city” in California to a small town we’d never been to in New York.

That’s where this part of the story begins; my journey to Eastern Orthodoxy, how I serve the body of Christ with this personality,  to sing or not to sing. . .its all comes back to my faith. This blog is a look into the brain of a restless singer, mother to three amazing kids (22, 19 and 14), wife to my best friend/seminary student, choir director, full-time number cruncher, and youth adviser to some amazing Eastern Orthodox teens.

I am predictable, intense at times, and full of faith. I can’t do anything without God and I’m very aware of this fact daily. I fully believe that faith without works is a dead faith. “Preach the gospel at all times – use words if necessary.” Isn’t that what they say?

So, where to next? He only knows; but I’m eager to see where His grace and mercy lead us. I hope to share with you my faith journey, my passion about the Eastern church, and to set you on fire with love for the creator.

Can’t wait to hear from you!




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