Passion and Prayer

  Since I was young I have had a deep longing to pray; it has been a strong feeling of wanting to reach out into the universe and feel small. It’s been an enticement to be drawn “. . . upwards into touch with celestial things:” (Way of the Pilgrim). Truthfully, I have always been … More Passion and Prayer

The Psalms

I am so blessed week after week to serve my parish. Each week in Matins we read several psalms and although they are always the same they speak so loudly to me. I go from being filled with awe at Gods might and protection to being humbled by his grace and love. LORD, how they … More The Psalms

Are you ready?

I feel this great anticipation in my soul. There is this sort of nervousness but excitement that is hard to put into words. The Pacha Fast will begin soon and the church in her wisdom has paved a way for me to follow that I might enter into the fast prepared to walk the road … More Are you ready?